Every animal has its own phobia and its own whims. However, they can alter the welfare of the animal. This is the case of the cat who hates water.

Cat and water


The cat has a phobia of water. That’s why he’s having trouble drinking water. Yet moisturizing is important for any living being. But it is impossible to force it, although attracting it is very complicated. Once he does not like the smell in his bowl, he categorically refuses to drink there. A fountain is the most feasible solution in this case. Indeed, it has many advantages. First of all, this makes it possible to satisfy the cat’s thirst even when the owner is absent. The bowl can never be empty because the water supply is above and passes regularly.

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Types of Fountains


There are various kinds of cat fountains since all the mechanisms are revolutionary and original. There’s the water fountain with the jet. The water flows continuously like a tap. In addition, the water spray that it causes makes so much noise to arouse the curiosity of the cat. As a result, the cat will be tempted to see what happens in the fountain and will be charmed. Moreover, it is impossible to see the empty bowl. The only downside to this mechanism is that it has the power to repel the fearful cats. Hopefully, these kinds of cats will like the simple bowl. Then there is a discrete water fountain. With a kind of slides, the water flows calmly following the wall. However, the water is constantly renewed. The first advantage is the constant freshness of the water. In addition, the fearful cats have no trouble approaching it. The multifunction water fountain is another more versatile feature with the croquettes nearby. So it can be easily feasted.