Like every year, the birds are subjected to severe hardship with the arrival of the winter 😐 . One of the easiest ways to help them? Make small fat balls yourself. Well, it’s true that a small shack can also help them, but it will be in another article 😟.

Why make bird fat balls?

If birds know how to protect themselves from the cold by inflating their plumage, finding their pittance during periods of great cold can be complex. At this time of year, nature is idling and the food is scarce. A situation worsened by the shortening of days. The weakest birds, unfortunately, have trouble crossing this ordeal. To increase their chances of survival, it is essential to fatten them up and provide them with food. In addition to this nice gesture, you will have the opportunity to observe more closely these magnificent creatures from the sky.

The ingredients you need

The recipe for a fat ball is simple and cheap ️! It will only be enough to spend a few euros to make it. So, during your errands, just think about bringing back with you:

  • Végétaline or lard
  • Wheat flour
  • A mixture of seeds

Steps to follow

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First step

  • Put a block of végétaline in a container that you will place in the microwave
  • Heat for 60 seconds to soften the dough. Make sure that it does not become liquid

Step Two

  • Add to the cooled dough a fillet of flour and the seeds for birds
  • Knead the whole hand thoroughly to get a ball the size of a clementine. The ideal diameter of a ball of fat? About 6 to 7 cm

Step Three

  • Allow the ball to cool and harden several hours in the ambient air. If you want to speed up the process, you can also put it in the refrigerator

Step Four

  • Wrap the ball in a piece of net, having, for example, served to pack fruits and vegetables. The net will allow the ball of fat to keep its consistency and facilitate the hanging


If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, think of the empty yogurt jar!
Start by making the support that will be used to unmold your fat ball. A piece of solid string hanging on two matches will do the trick perfectly. Place it inside the jar, then pour the mixture of végétaline and seeds. Make sure that the string comes out of the yogurt jar. Once the ball of fat has hardened, it will only be enough to gently pull on the string to unmold the whole! If the contents do not come out, pass the yogurt jar under a drizzle of lukewarm water. Here! All you have to do is hang your fat ball wherever you want.

Where to place your bird fat balls?

You have made with love your balls of fat and want to know where to place them? It’s very simple! Just hang them at different heights on the foliage of the shrubs, the branches of a tree or on the balcony ledges and windows. If space allows, do not hesitate to make available to your friends a water trough. This is a very useful supplement to the high-calorie food you bring them. The balls of fat can be withdrawn in the course of the month of March.

NB: If you own a pet, make sure that the grease balls are inaccessible! You certainly have no desire for your work to be wasted by your cat Glutton!