With National Wildlife Day coming up on the 4th September, we have been looking into which are the most popular animals on Instagram? Where does your favorite safari animal rank, and who will win the age-old battle between cat and dog?!

Here at Animal Cute, we are truly lovers of animals worthy of majestic safari animals that we are lucky enough to meet during our wonderful safaris with our beloved pets at home, the animals never fail to smile at us.

That’s why sometimes we might find ourselves spending a little too much time looking at cute pictures of cats and dogs on Instagram, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones.

With this in mind, we started to wonder which animals are the most popular on Instagram. After a heated debate within the office, we decided to ensure. We analyzed the hashtag for each animal to determine how many times each animal had been marked by a hashtag on Instagram (it’s a hard job, we know that, but somebody has to do it!).

Now, if you’re a cat, look away from the dogs at the top of the Instagram charts with the #dog used 138,672934 times. The Cats were not far behind, ranking second with 117.668.890. In fact, the two popular pets had almost 100 million more Instagram posts than their closest competitor, the horse with 17,088,049 posts.

In the fourth spot was chicken with 16,028,908 posts – though we noted some of these may have been due to chicken dinners – while bird came in at fifth place with 13,031,395.

Of course, we were particularly excited about which safari animals were popular. It was interesting to see that the puma came before the tiger and the lion. However, we noted that this could also be due to the Puma brand. If we exclude this anomaly, it would seem that Tigers are the most photographed safari animal reaching 17th place with 5,247 367 Instagram posts. The lions followed closely in 18th place with 5,153,067 posts.

Some of our other favorite safari animals featured highly on the list with monkeys popping up in 4,694,479 posts while the elephant was hashtagged 4,081,617 times, and leopards featured in 3,627,061 posts.

Animals at the bottom of the list included lesser-known species such as warblers with a single post and quails of the new world and old world with only five posts between them. Meanwhile, ant, bat, bee and bald eagle didn’t feature at all. Other better-known animals which didn’t rank particularly highly included porpoises, wildebeest and baboons.

Now, while we enjoy admiring images of cats and dogs all day long, perhaps our results show that it’s time to start mixing up the images of animals we share on Instagram… and what better time than a safari.