Having a pet has several advantages depending on the nature and the choice of the animal. However, it uses additional charges. Some people neglect certain care that the animal needs. This is the case of grooming that plays on the aesthetic and the hygiene of the animal. Of course, a well-kept animal can be seen from afar.

Tea, the beautiful dog


Here is an animal that has followed a very thorough interview. It’s a dog from Australia called Tea. His race is called the Afghan Greyhound. It is characterized by its long and silky hair like a coat. She has a very elegant look and with her mane, she can not go unnoticed. His long black hairs that fall to his feet derive from excellent care and daily grooming. Luke Kavanagh has something to be proud of having such a beautiful and exceptional dog.

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The path to Success


The course of this dog offered him a success on the Internet. It becomes very popular. First of all, she did the advertising campaign on the Internet. Then his owner surprised her sitting on a bench, took her picture and published it on Facebook. This picture quickly spread and its success becomes inevitable. Thousands of Tea publications are then found on social networks. She also spent several contests. However, she no longer passes any contests, but that does not prevent her reputation from spreading. Even when passing through the streets, it turns out that everyone admires it. The young and the big, all generations fall under its charm. But it is not only human beings who adore it. Brands are arguing to introduce it also in their marketing strategies. Harriot & Hound and Royal canine are represented by Tea. She became the ambassador for Royal Canin and the canine celebrity of the small screen for Harriot & Hound.