The phase of pregnancy and the arrival of a future baby in the family environment are important events that we can prepare for at some point in our lives. Many doubts and questions arise about the role we must give to our pet during this period. We’ll be discussing it today on our blog.

A new member is about to join the family! We want this period of pregnancy to be as safe and comfortable as possible for the mother. Should she exclude our pet or give up the idea of having another pet?  Of course not!

The relationship with our dog or cat does not have to be changed and will not affect our health or that of our baby. We just need to be more careful about the hygiene of the pet and make sure its health record is up to date. The presence of a pet during this time will bring in addition infinite benefits that you probably do not know.

The dog may be the first to detect pregnancy. Our pet has a much more developed sense of smell than ours and will be able to feel the hormonal change to which our body is subjected from the first day.

In many cases, the pet develops a protective instinct as soon as it detects pregnancy and has a more careful relationship with the mother-to-be. No more sudden gestures or paws. Her protective attitude will also be strengthened towards strangers who will have contact with her. This does not mean that he will hurt anyone, but simply that he will stay longer with his mistress to ensure that she is not exposed to any danger.

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Dogs are also said to improve mood swings and health during pregnancy. Taking care of them during the pregnancy will force us to go for a walk or to do some exercise daily but we will also keep very good company. As we said, dogs tend to spend more time with their mistresses during pregnancy, being quieter and quieter, and being gentler and cuddly than usual. This change in attitude can also help improve the pregnant woman’s mood and make her feel more peaceful and relaxed.

As for felines, we can also find cats that show more affection towards their mistresses and spend more time with them.

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It should be kept in mind that cats may carry a disease called toxoplasmosis, which is transmitted only through the stool. This is why the pregnant woman should not take care of the maintenance of the litter box. Of all the cases, only 2% of the world’s cat population carries this disease, so it’s highly unlikely your kitten will suffer from it. The best thing is to take the cat to the vet for testing. In the very rare case where the cat would be positive for the test, it is still unlikely that the pregnant woman could catch this disease because she should have ingested one of these fecal matters.

The presence of a pet during the period of pregnancy and the life of a baby will bring infinite benefits at all levels. As we commented in our post Cohabitation between children and pets, a person who has grown up with a pet will be stronger at the level of the immune system because they have to fight the batteries that the dog may have.

But not only that, the cohabitation with a dog or cat will also create emotional ties that will also bring to the child values like respect, empathy or love of animals.