How to say I love you to your cat 😻

How to say I love you to your cat? To wish you the best year with your cat, I will tell you about love. This is not the most beautiful messages and the most beautiful projects for the next 12 months? Certainly, that yes will answer your cat. When it comes to expressing your feelings to your cat, let me guide you on his body language. Don’t wait for the next Valentine’s Day and say right now I love you to your cat so that he understands it. I’ll tell you how to do it simply. You will thus know these additional words in the language of the Cats. And then I’ll show you a cat that tells you in our human language I love you. Amazing, isn’t it? This is to be seen at the end of this topic.

The blink of the eyes to your cat

You choose a quiet moment where you end up with your cat. Wait for the moment he looks at you. Call him if he has no other activity. He’s looking at you. You fix it for two seconds, you blink very gently with your eyes thinking very hard “I love you My Cat” and you open your eyes.

To say I love you to your cat

You grasp the gesture. Go ahead, do it now. You catch your cat’s eye for 1-2 seconds and gently blink the eyelids while saying “I love you My Cat” inside. Fun no? Just don’t expect anything special from your cat. If he does not respond, that is the vast majority of cases, it is not because he does not care. It is that he did not necessarily understand that you say “I love you”. You don’t speak the language of cats fluently. But if you train every day, your cat will appreciate your message of love.

If your cat appreciates over the days the message you send him in his language, it is because he perceives above all your very peaceful and very gentle intention. That’s all cats love. They like the feeling of security and comfort that you inspire.

What to answer if your cat says “I Love You”?

Do you want another word of cat language? Answer every time your cat looks at you and blinks. It is his way of telling you that he is in total confidence with you and that he loves you. In response, confirm his blink of the eyes by making the same gesture. You blink eyes 1 good second by gently tilting your eyes. Much like in Japan this gesture of thanking the head is marked, you can inspire you to respond as nicely and peacefully to your cat. Make this gesture to try and watch for your cat the slightest blink of the eyes.

Thank you for introducing yourself to the language of cats. It’s a bit like the theater, it’s mostly the intention that you put in your message more than words. If you really think about what you say to your cat, your body language is very well perceived by your cat even if you don’t realize it.

A SECRET about you and your cat

And now I can reveal a secret to thank you for your fidelity to The person who knows you better than you is your cat. Why? But because it is in his way of working, a cat observes and learns quickly of what he sees. By watching you everyday act, talk, laugh, irritate or cuddle, he perceives everything at home. Your cat is a specialist in your body language. When you enter his field of vision, he knows in a tenth of a second what mood you are and what intention you animate.

I already caught in the eyes of my cats a glow that indicated to me that I could be stressed or impatient. I have already made this reflection and it has always made me pause at the moment. Your cat is a good indicator on you.

This cat says I love you in human language

Now that you know how to say I love you to your cat in his language, here is a chat that speaks human. The one you see and above all hearsays in English I love you. If you liked these little words in the language of the Cats and the one you will see. But mostly tell me in the comment how a reacts your cat to your love message.