Everyone knows that felines are excellent at grooming, licking, and self-showering, but it all depends on the cat breed we’re talking about. Although naturally, they also take care of their toilet, Sphynx cats or hairless cats need more frequent hygienic care than other breeds of cats since their skin is very sensitive and tends to accumulate dirt and fat more easily.

That’s why on AnimalCute, we’re going to explain how to bathe a sphynx or hairless cat so that you can understand what makes these cats special and the grooming routine they need to take care of their hairless body.

Cat toilet sphynx or hairless cat


The popular belief that Sphynx cats have no hair is not entirely proven since, in reality, they have a small layer of short, fine hair, almost imperceptible to the naked eye. However, this does not mean that this breed does not require a concrete grooming routine because, despite what one imagines, Sphynx cats (and hairless cats in general) are more likely to accumulate dirt and fat since they sweat more, which implies the maintenance of a regular hygiene and care that we will present to you.

Generally, it is recommended to bathe a sphynx cat once a month (every 20/30 days) because if you do not, its skin will become oily and the accumulated fat will take on a reddish color. If you never wash your cat sphynx, it will quickly become dirty and in addition to accumulating microorganisms harmful to its body, it will also begin to soil all the places it touches.

In the same way, a dirty cat will end up feeling sad and without energy, reason enough to never neglect it and pay as much attention as possible to its hygiene! If you want to keep a hairless cat at your side happy, then follow the tips that will follow :

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How to give a bath to a sphynx cat or hairless cats?


Although giving a bath to a sphynx or hairless cat is very similar to the bath of an adult cat of any race, you will still have to make sure to clean certain parts of the body where it would tend to accumulate dirt before putting it in the bath : the eyes, the claws and the ears.

In the case of the eyes, it is important that you know that sphynx or Egyptian cats do not have eyelashes and that is why their lacrimal fluid is much more abundant than in other breeds because pathogens enter their eyes more easily and can cause eye diseases.

Clean your cat’s eyes weekly by following the directions given in our article: How to clean a cat’s eyes.

The claws are another part of the body of the cat sphynx or felines in general where dirt accumulates more easily, so before giving it a bath, make sure to remove all the dust accumulated under its claws and cut them off when they are too long to prevent it from hanging everywhere and hurting itself.

Hairless cats also tend to accumulate more dirt than other breeds inside the ears, as they are generally larger. We, therefore, recommend you to clean them by putting a few drops of products sold in pet shops and advised by your veterinarian.

Once you have properly prepared your cat sphynx or hairless, you can make it take a bath by following the steps :

  • Use the bathtub, plastic cube or pool to put your cat in. Pour a little warm water without filling it so that your cat is comfortable does not get too hot or too cold. Her skin is extremely sensitive.
  • Start to soak the whole body slowly, without going to the head, then soak it gently by insisting on the legs and belly.
  • Then rinse the whole body with plenty of water and repeat the same procedure for the head, taking care not to run water into the eyes or nose. If you see him getting very nervous, then stop and instead of soaping his head, take a small wet towel and rub gently.
  • Finally, take a soft towel and dry it inside the bathtub and make sure it is completely dry before going out.

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What shampoo to use for a sphynx or hairless cat?


Before you bathe your cat sphynx or hairless, you will need to choose a shampoo adapted to its specific skin needs and in this case, there will be only 2 possible options :

  • Buy a special sphynx or hairless cats shampoo in a pet store or veterinary center that will usually be called “Sensitive Skin cat Gel”.
  • If you can’t find any special sphynx cats shampoo then you can take a human baby shampoo that protects the skin and has a totally neutral pH.

Very important: never use a too strong or astringent shampoo that could irritate the sensitive skin of your hairless cat.

Other alternatives to give a bath to a sphynx or hairless cat


If your cat hates water but you are well aware that washing it is a good thing for him, then there is an alternative: a washcloth and a little patience! It is necessary to try to teach a kitten that water is not his enemy and is not dangerous for him (from 2/3 months ideally). However, we do not recommend the use of cleansing wipes because the skin of the Sphynx is very delicate and should be taken care of as much as possible! You always have to clean your Sphynx cat with something that’s right for it. You can also ask your veterinarian for recommendations and he will be more than happy to tell you how to proceed.