The rabbit is very emotional, adorable animal and a very good company. That is why more and more families are opting for him. Here is some information to know before adopting.

Choosing the Right Rabbit


With the large variety of rabbit existing, making the choice is not easy, but it depends above all on the choice of each one. There are in fact different types, depending on their color, their type of fur, but also according to their size. Concerning the latter, the French Federation of Rabbits has identified 10 types of dwarfs. Β As for their sex, it does not matter very much. Being very cute animals, very cuddly and adorable, rabbits are mostly chosen for children. However, it is necessary to be very vigilant, because being small, they will not necessarily know how to deal adequately with these fragile animals. Unlike many people think, dwarf rabbits are very fragile. So they are not very suitable for children.

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A few things to consider before adopting a rabbit


Before embarking on the adoption of a rabbit, a few points will have to be taken into consideration. Raising at home this animal requires great availability to take care of its food, the cleaning of its cage, but also to have fun with it. Β In addition to time, adoption also involves investing in money for food, care, and vaccines. It is also necessary to provide a quiet place where the cage will be placed. But it’s also an animal that likes to walk around from time to time in the house. It should be noted that it is a species that does not appreciate very much loneliness. It is necessary to think of another animal that will be his company. But we will have to make sure that both of us can live together. Β The steps to take for the holidays must also be well thought out before making any adoption decisions.